Nourishing Dead Sea Minerals Enriched Toner

Instant skin moisturizing

What is a toner? Why do you need it and what does a toner do? It is aimed at instantly moisturizing the skin at the initial stage – cleansing, immediately after washing.

What is a face toner for? Besides the basic function of moisturizing, a toner the Nourishing Dead Sea Minerals Enriched Toner will work for other skin needs as well.

Nourishing Dead Sea Minerals Enriched Toner provides deep penetration of beneficial ingredients into the skin, suitable for all types of the skin and it aimed at completing the cleansing phase – restoring the skin’s balance after washing and removing make-up and impurities.

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Moisturizing effect of this unique toner is coming from the hyaluronic acid and have a viscous gel-like consistency. The Nourishing Dead Sea Minerals Enriched Toner aimed at renewing the upper layers of the dermis. It is also soften the skin due to the nourishing components in the composition, such as essential organic oils. Sensitivity Relief of the Nourishing Dead Sea Minerals Enriched Toner coming from soothing ingredients such as aloe vera, it is perfect for sensitive skin – it will eliminate irritation and redness.

The collagen restoring effect of this toner is extremely important – collagen is responsible for skin elasticity, fills in wrinkles, improves skin tone.

Apply toner with a cotton pad. In addition to mild toning, the product cleanses and moisturizes the skin well. The product cleanses the epidermis without leaving any residue.

Tip from Eveille Cosmetics: there is a so-called rule of three seconds – the toner must be applied within three seconds after washing on slightly damp skin. It is in this case that it will be possible to retain moisture and achieve maximum moisture.

Do not go to the area around the eyes – the skin here is too thin and requires special care.

Apply toner with a hammering motion until completely absorbed.